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Ruth Wallis - Love Is For The Birds 2006

On: Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thanks to Dr. Forrest's Cheeze Factory

2 comments on "Ruth Wallis - Love Is For The Birds 2006"

Alan Pastman said...

Ruth Wallis wrote words and music to all of the (200+) songs that she wrote. Typecast as a risque cabaret performer, her records were banned in Boston during the Eisenhower era and confiscated by Australian customs when she toured there in the 1960's. Her compositions spanned cabaret, jazz, show tunes and even calypso. This music never saw airplay, anything with the "Ruth Wallis" name on it was assumed to be improper for airplay. Nevertheless, "Boobs ! The Musical" (based on Ruth Wallis' music catalogue) opened at New York's Triad Theater in May of 2003. It lasted 300+ performances and had subsequent runs in New Orleans and Wichita. In the spring of her 83rd year, it was a fitting tribute to my mother. She passed away, at home, on December 22nd, 2007.

JimG said...

Alan, Thanks for the education. Very interesting stuff.

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